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TIA Atlantic Coast Championships in Wildwood, NJ 5/1-4/2017

TIA Atlantic Coast Championships in Wildwood, NJ 5/1-4/2017


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Event Date: 5/4/2017 - 5/7/2017

This event is offered on both DVD and DVD/HD Copy Combo.
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  • Pkg 1) Prelim/Finals: Independent Cadet Twirler, Independent Junior Twirler, Independent Regional A Twirler
  • Pkg 2) Prelim/Finals: Independent A Twirler, Independent Open Twirler, Independent World Twirler, Independent Senior Twirler
  • Pkg 3) Prelim/Finals: Scholastic Middle School Twirler, Scholastic Regional A Twirler, Scholastic A Twirler, Scholastic Open Twirler, Scholastic World Twirler, Scholastic University Twirler
  • Pkg 4) Prelim/Finals: Independent Cadet Dance Team, Independent Junior Dance Team, Independent Regional A Dance Team, Independent A Dance Team, Independent Open Dance Team
  • Pkg 5) Prelim/Finals: Scholastic Middle School Dance Team, Scholastic Regional A Dance Team, Scholastic A Dance Team, Scholastic Open Dance Team
  • Pkg 6) Prelim/Finals: Independent A Stationary Percussion, Independent Regional A Percussion, Independent Intermediate A Percussion, Independent Open Percussion, Independent A Winds
  • Pkg 7) Prelim/Finals: Scholastic Regional A Percussion
  • Pkg 8) Prelim/Finals: Scholastic Intermediate A Percussion
  • Pkg 9) Prelim/Finals: Scholastic A Percussion, Scholastic Open Percussion
  • Pkg 10) Prelim/Finals: Scholastic Middle School Stationary Percussion, Scholastic A Stationary Percussion, Scholastic Open Stationary Percussion, Scholastic A Winds
  • Pkg 11) Finals: Independent Cadet Color Guard, Independent Junior Color Guard, Scholastic Cadet Color Guard, Scholastic Middle School Color Guard
  • Pkg 12) Prelim/Finals: Independent Intermediate A Color Guard
  • Pkg 13) Prelim/Finals: Independent Regional A Guard
  • Pkg 14) Prelim/Finals: Independent A Color Guard, Independent Open Color Guard
  • Pkg 15) Prelim/Finals: Independent World Color Guard, Independent Senior Color Guard, Scholastic Open Color Guard, Scholastic University A Color Guard
  • Pkg 16) Prelim: Scholastic Regional A Color Guard
  • Pkg 17) Semi-Finals/Finals: Scholastic Regional A Color Guard
  • Pkg 18) Prelim: Scholastic Intermediate A Color Guard
  • Pkg 19) Semi-Finals: Scholastic Intermediate A Color Guard
  • Pkg 20) Finals: Scholastic Intermediate A Color Guard
  • Pkg 21) Prelim/Finals: Scholastic A Color Guard
  • Pkg 22) Scholastic A Jazz Band, Scholastic Worlds Jazz Band
  • Pkg 23) Scholastic Open Jazz Band
  • Pkg 24) All-Star Jazz Band
  • Pkg 25) The Dance Showcase - sponsored by ALGY
  • Pkg 26) The Percussion Showcase - sponsored by Yamaha
  • Pkg 27) All Exhibitions, Awards & Retreats
  • Entire Event - 27 Package set - Incredible Discount!

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